Screen-Shot-2014-07-03-at-11.36.42-AM-e1404401831828Business and Legal Resources offers four key steps to create an effective wellness program for your company:

1. Obtain support from senior management. Executives are responsible for setting priorities and allocating resources. HR should make the business case for the financial benefits of a wellness program in terms of decreased workers’ compensation claims, insurance rates, and absenteeism.

2. Assess the current level of employee fitness. To maintain a successful wellness program, you must determine the specific needs of your employees.

3. Develop a customized operating plan. Develop a broad mission statement for the wellness program and set specific, measurable—and achievable—objectives. Develop initiatives for specific goals and set a timeframe. Set a budget.

4. Communicate with and educate employees about the plan. To integrate wellness into the workplace culture, you must employees onboard by educating them on the benefits and encouraging their participation.