Screen-Shot-2014-09-01-at-1.43.31-PM-e1409593426468“Working in suburbia comes with sedentary drawbacks. There is the long drive to work, followed by sitting at a desk for hours, then plopping down in a car again for the ride home,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Now a suburban office park in Whippany, N.J., about an hour’s drive from Manhattan, is offering its denizens a perk more associated with city life: shared bicycles to run errands, fetch lunch or exercise outdoors. The cost is $2 an hour.”

“The landlord is among a number of businesses across the country rolling out shared bicycles for their employees. Companies, universities and apartment buildings are offering shared bikes not available for the public as a means of transit.”

Forbes: “General Motors has started a bike sharing program at its Technical Center in Warren, Mich. that not only stands to help thousands of employees be more productive and healthier, but is also being viewed internally as a way to start looking beyond the century-old business model of selling one car to one person.”