Screen-Shot-2014-07-28-at-7.47.37-PM-e1406591296153“NASA conducted a study showing that people who make exercise a habit are consistently more productive after seven hours of work than those that don’t,”Inc. Magazine reports.

Why? Because you’ll have the following:

Better Executive Function: “This skill set allows you to appropriately respond to the situation at hand, inhibit inappropriate behavior, and focus on the job in spite of distractions.”

More Energy: “When people are tired, the last thing they generally want to do is exercise. But taking a nap won’t get the job done. Exercising will boost energy and reduce fatigue in both the short and long term. With more energy, you can accomplish more tasks. In a study posted in the Psychological Bulletin, 90 percent of the usually sedentary participants experienced increased energy when implementing a regular exercise program into their daily lives.”

Less Stress: “Fitness should be part of everyone’s stress-management program. Physical activity helps to bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. It also improves mood and helps you sleep better. All of this helps your body control stress. When stress is reduced, you make better decisions. Good decisions set you up for success.”

A Clear Mind. “This is one of the reasons I try to exercise during the workday. Instead of going to lunch, go for a run. This is an excellent way to break up the day and be ready to tackle whatever the afternoon will throw at you. Even if it’s just 20 minutes of exercise, make it happen. When thinking clearly, you will be a more productive contributor to your team.”

Confidence: “Being physically fit gives a person more confidence. Training teaches you to live outside of your comfort zone for extended periods of time. That confidence bleeds into your performance at work, in meetings, speaking to a crowd, or whatever opportunities work provides. Confident people command respect, and that can go a long way for someone rising in the ranks.”