thumb.php_Science Daily reports that “wellness coaching has become an increasingly prevalent strategy to help individuals improve their health and well-being.”

In fact, the Mayo Clinic recently published a study, “The Effectiveness of Wellness Coaching for Improving Quality of Life,” which concluded that “participating in wellness coaching was associated with improvement in 3 key areas of psychosocial functioning: Quality of life, mood, and perceived stress level.”

Now, Matthew Clark, Ph.D., L.P., the study’s lead author and resiliency expert at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, answers questions on Wellness coaching in Science Daily.

As Clark explains in the interview: “Wellness coaching focuses on the specific problems someone wants to address, such as weight loss, stress management or goals focusing on work-life balance. We offer wellness coaching to help people have a better life, and improve their overall quality of life, whether it’s socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically or mentally.”

One question addressed why wellness coaching is becoming so prevalent.

Said Clark: “First of all, wellness coaching does not pathologize or diagnose problems. If someone is having a difficult time losing weight or getting a good night’s sleep, wellness coaching helps the individual feel like a normal person with a normal problem. Secondly, people enjoy Mayo Clinic’s strength-based approach because it is empowering. We help people identify the resources that they already possess to make their desired improvements.”