Kay was very helpful with setting up the event. I had many options on the topic and they were very flexible with the date and time. Jeff came and did his presentation which was very well planned out and I received a lot of very positive feedback. They brought sandwich wraps, healthy snacks, and water for everyone. I had to leave a few minutes before the end of the presentation, but I was told that people really liked it. The one thing was at the end, I believe just his last few slides promoted his business. I don’t think he presented it in a very sales pitch type way, just more informational. I’ve had 5 or 6 employees go visit him in his office since then and I know they’ve had good experiences.

I was concerned that it would be very much a sales pitch, and it really wasn’t. The presentation was very good and we all appreciated the information. We invited them back for another talk in April.

I love working with Kay and Dr. Jim at Finish Line because the services we provide really compliment each other well. They have also been a great business partner. Dr. Jim spoke at my LearningRx center in Savage and it was extremely helpful to the attendees — I’m in the process of scheduling him to speak at our center again! We have also opened our center up to Finish Line to do massages while our customer wait. Our customers love it and the Finish Line team is very friendly and professional.