I would like to share my personal story on what Dr. Jim and Finish Line Chiropractic have done for my health. I have suffered from sinus infections for years and I have been on antibiotics 4-6 times a year for at least 10 years. It was recommended that I go through surgery to help open up my sinuses. I was miserable. My good friend Kay Grobel recommended that I come and see Dr. Jim at Finish Line Chiropractic. On my first visit I explained my concern about my sinus issues, and he shared with me that if I got off of dairy, he would guarantee that I would feel better. I did just that and was amazed how much better I felt. I thought if that worked, I would listen to whatever else he told me to do. I decided to have an alcat test to help me find out the right food to be feeding my body. That again was a total shocker. I had no idea on the foods that I was allergic to. This brought me to finally doing the detox. I wanted to rid my body of all of the toxins that were causing me to be tired, foggy minded, bloated and just not feeling 100%. I did the 21 day detox and it was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I was tired at first and had minor symptoms, but it was totally worth going through to feel like I do today. I wake up with a ton of energy, my workouts are much more energetic, my stress level is much lower, my mind is clear. I love the way that I feel today. I feel blessed that I found a doctor that truly cares about his patients health through feeding the body with the right nutrients. Thank you Dr. Jim and Finish Line Chiropractic for giving me a new way of living!