In the fall of 2012, Dr. James came to my company for a lecture about food, wellness and toxicity. AsianCircle, an employee resource group, brought him in to educate us in the fall 2012. They were so impressed with the talk and feedback from the employees that they invited him back for a follow-up lecture in May of 2013 during the annual Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM). During the month of May, AsianCircle invites different doctors & professionals to talk about different topics on health disparities that impacts the Asian communities, but can also relate to other ethnicity. What has always impressed me the most with Dr. James has been his passion for health & wellness in all. I’ve heard from many co-workers who attended his lecture that his passion for health & wellness is very evident based on his presentation which is one of the main reason they decided to go see him. It makes it easier to see and talk to a professional who has the kind of passion for their job like Dr. James.