After hosting 24 CPC BNG events, we were a little nervous bringing in a “body” speaker to address our business folks, as most of our speakers have focused on “head and/or heart” topics in the past. Well, Dr.Natalie addressed the whole brain and body and hit it out of the park. She reminded us we cannot serve our God-given missions if we have a weak, unhealthy body. And so much disease comes from what we put in our mouths and lifestyle habits. As we know, obesity, diabetes, ADHD, depression and other diseases are an epidemic in the USA — way too many of us are not living as healthy as we should — and CPC is not immune to this enormous problem. Not new information, but her engaging delivery, and the combination of humanity in her delivery and great depth of expertise made her overview compelling and inspiring. She caused me to reflect on what I eat and gave great ideas for things I must do differently to become my best. It was one of the best programs we’ve ever had, due to Dr. Natalie, and the 45 minutes flew by. And she is a Christian whose faith plays an integral role in her life. She included a few of her favorite passages in her talk and was very well received by our attendees.

Chuck Bolton