A few months ago I met Kay on the golf course. Who knew spinning a wheel would change my lifestyle. After winning a complementary Workplace Wellness visit for our company it gave me a new way of thinking about seeing a chiropractor. I have to admit; at first I was in it for the free lunch, but when Kay, Dr. James, and Dr. Ashley visited us it was far more than just a lunch.

Everyone at our office enjoyed learning more about healthy choices that we should be making and knowing some of the common pitfalls. James was very easy to listen to and was a wealth of information. He answered all of our questions we had, even though we could not answer half of his.

After their visit, I took it into my own hands to have an assessment. This was basically just X-rays. I was interested in this since I have had back issues for many years. It turned out that I had some spinal and neck issues that was the associated with this discomfort. After discussing my X-rays with Dr. James Midboe, he immediately put together a game plan. I was a bit reluctant due to the time required to complete his plan but decided to commit to it anyways. I am glad that I did.

O yeah, did I mention that you can sit in massage chairs while waiting for your appointment?

Mark BeldenSpeiker & Company LTD