As the Marketing Director at Finish Line Wellness, Kay has presented phenomenal qualities needed to produce quality results in this competitive field of wellness and at the highest level of performance required by our company. I have come to know Kay as a great individual performer and a stellar leader. Her unconventional way of thinking contributes to solving practical issues with efficiency. She is creative! I have been blown away again and again by not only her ability to consistently produce and maintain high performance and quality work, but by her endless supply of energy, determination and continued positive attitude. I feel the amazing personal qualities that Kay exudes are what brings that unique and necessary aspect to any self driven profession and is what ultimately drives success. Personality cannot be trained, but if it could be, we would all benefit from sitting in on a class from Kay. Kay is one of those rare individuals where performance, quality work, continued positive attitude and consistent personality are all equally outstanding. She is someone I always enjoy being around and someone I will always be proud to work with.

Rachel Theis, DC