2016-03-31_2205Every single morning, before I eat or drinking anything—and that includes my coffee—I reach for a big glass of lemon water. I squeeze about half a lemon into 16 to 20 ounces of room temperature water and sip. So simple, yet so good for your body! This has always been of my favorite tips to share with people who ask for an easy, start today tip, for better health. Lemons are not just a cute garnish for your glass! You should be gulping it down daily, and here are

5 reasons why:

1. Flushes Out Toxins
When you drink lemon water, you are actually helping to cleanse your body. Lemon juice stimulates the natural enzymes in the liver, which in turn, helps it to flush out toxins!

2. Balances pH Levels
Contrary to what most people believe, lemon water, although acidic in nature, is actually treated by the body as a base once ingested. We consume an over-abundance of acidic foods thus lowering our bodies pH level. Lemon water can help the body maintain a balanced pH state, alkalizing the blood and reversing the effects of highly acidic foods.

3. Assists in Weight Loss
Lemons contain a soluble fiber called pectin that has been shown to help with weight loss. And since liquid calories add up faster than we’d like to believe—think about your morning daily Starbucks with whip for a second—lemon juice is a delicious way to add variety to your water without calories!
Swap your daily can of Coke for a glass of lemon water and save 51,000 cals or 15 pounds a year!

4. Immune Booster
When you think of an “immune boosting” fruit, oranges probably come to mind, right? Well, lemons should be included on your shortlist, too! Lemons are high in both potassium and Vitamin C. The potassium will stimulate brain and nerve function and help control blood pressure, while the Vitamin C will help against colds and the flu.

5. Digestive Boost
A study in the “International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition” released in 2011 stated that taste receptors for bitter substances trigger your pancreas to secrete digestive enzymes and your gall bladder to release bile. This helps the digestive process along and makes the process of eliminating waste products from the body easier, which, let’s be frank, is a great thing!

Since I’m a lemon water diehard, I was thrilled when I met Adam and learned of his endeavor with LÉMONESSE™. I’m totally pumped for him and wanted to share this with you guys. I’ve tried a lot of water with a “lemon” flavor, but this is the first one that actually tastes like you squeezed a fresh lemon into the bottle. And that’s because it’s just water and2016-03-31_2247 lemons. No sweeteners, no calories, and no chemicals! (That’s what I LOVE!) Here’s the thing—

LÉMONESSE™ is only served in high-end Chicago restaurants but my friend is on a mission to bring it to the masses and my fingers are crossed for him! He has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $7,500 to upgrade his bottling lines and get his drinks in grocers. We at Team Chris Freytag think this a great idea! If you’re interested in learning more or helping Adam and LÉMONESSE™, take a look at hisKickstarter.